Grounds and Trucking
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The Grounds & Trucking Shop is staffed by 11 employees. Mike O'Connell is the Supervisor and can be reached at 612-668-0349. The Grounds crew handles over 1800 work orders each year and 76% of the work orders are completed in 14 calendar days or less. The G/T crew resolves a wide variety of work order tasks such as:

  • Trucking and storage (may require prior approval please call early)
  • General grounds maintenance - lawn grooming of major areas see
    your EIC for building perimeter maintenance.
  • Playground surfaces
  • Large tree trimming or removal
  • Landscape issues, erosion control, seeding and sod
  • Stripping of athletic fields
  • Rubbish removal
  • Snow plowing, removal and sanding
  • Minor carpet repair and re-stretching
  • Asphalt installation/replacement/repair
  • Concrete sidewalk repair/replacement
  • Trucking services (major shipments may require prior approval)
  • Site-to-site transfers (may require prior approval)
  • Request for donation pick-up and delivery (funding code required)
  • Warehousing of used & excess furniture & equipment, warehouse (788-1364) open 8 - Noon on Tuesdays

Our Grounds & Trucking Team:  Frank Berthold, Tom Bower, William Dugan, Lee Johnson, Chris Lundeen, Jason Mann, Mike O'Connell, Darrell Wodtke