Paint and Glazing Shop
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The Paint/Glazing Shop is staffed by 19 employees. Roger Rimnac is the General Foreman and can be reached at 612-668-0353. Painting and Glazing crews complete over 800 work orders each year and 76% of the work orders are completed in 14 calendar days or less. The Glazing crew resolves all glass breakage issues 24/7 and accomplishes many window system repairs. The Painting crew completes approximately 10 major painting projects each year. Collectively the crew handles a wide variety of work order tasks such as:

  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Glass repair and replacement
  • Installation of glass and window panels
  • Graffiti removal
  • Flag pole & rope repair
  • Parking lot & playground striping
  • Line chalkboards
  • Banner fabrication (funded by school/department)
  • Sign/name tag fabrication (funded by school/department)
  • Desktop glass fabrication (funded by school/department)

Our Painting Team: Tom Campbell, James Hawkinson, Brian DeGrood, Ryan Shelafoe, Jay Forby, Tim Hess, Curt Heidelberger, James Loreno, Brian Wolf, John Niedenfuer, Debra Ohland, Roger Rimnac, Jack Sanford, Ricky Shelafoe, Tim Terwey, Anthony Wilczek

Our Glazers Team: David Sanchez, Rowan Hyland and Chad Lindquist