Building Automation/Energy Management
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Building Automation/Energy Management
Building Automation/Energy Management

The Automation/Energy Management Shop is staffed by a crew of 8. Brett Bolin is the General Foreman and Jason Kohnen is the Foreman both can be reached at 612-668-0359/ 0355. The Automation/Energy Management  Shop completes over 1770 work orders each year and 92% are completed in 14 calendar days or less. Our Automation/Energy Management  crew is skilled in a wide variety of work order tasks such as:

  • Building HVAC Automation Repair and Maintenance.
  • Building Burglar Security Repair and Maintenance
  • Fan Scheduling.
  • Building Permit Evaluation and Scheduling.
  • Lighting Automation.
  • Automated Temperture Control/Ventilation.
  • Energy Usage Reporting (City of MPLS).
  • Stewards of Energy Usage.

Our Automation/Energy Management Team: Brett Bolin (GF),Jason Kohnen (F), Robert Lemire, Mike Marsolek, Greg Westphal , Dan Kane, Ken Andersen, Matt Newberger.