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Electrical & Low Voltage Shop
In This Section

The Electrical Shop is staffed by a crew of 13 including low voltage specialists. Dan Piersak is the General Foreman and can be reached at 612-668-0348. The EL/LV Shop completes over 1680 work orders each year and 59% are completed in 14 calendar days or less. Our EL/LV crew is skilled in a wide variety of work order tasks such as:

  • General electrical issues
  • Clock repair
  • Bell repair
  • Fire alarm repair
  • Motor repair
  • Kitchen equipment repair
  • Electrical switch repair
  • Electrical receptacle repair
  • Lighting: *buildings are responsible for light bulbs, fuses & light switch keys: Sources - Please contact your area supervisor for the latest supplier info.
  • Industrial arts equipment, electrical repair
  • Art equipment, electrical repair such as, kilns & pottery wheels
  • Stage equipment repair
  • Telephone repair
  • Cabling for computers and televisions
  • Computer network cabling
  • PA systems
  • Voice mail
  • Security cameras

Our Electrical Team: Jeff Gunderson, Kevin Kloiber, Dan Piersak, Dave Sibben, Kurt Stumpfa, Chris Swenson, David Tkach, Gary Weiman, Joe Wohkittel.

Our LV-DDC Team: Brett Bolin, Robert Lemire, Mike Marsolek, Greg Westphal , Jason Kohnen