Pipefitting Shop
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The Pipefitting Shop is staffed by 23 pipefitters. Neil Hill is the General Foreman and can be reached at 612-668-0342. Pipefitters resolve over 3,200 work orders each year and 79% are completed in 14 calendar days or less. Our crew completes a wide variety of work order tasks and projects such as:

  • General heating and air conditioning repairs
  • Refrigeration repairs
  • Temperature control repairs
  • Kitchen refrigerator or freezer repair
  • Combination gas/oil burner problems
  • Pipes burst, leak, corroded piping or frozen coils
  • Nutrition Center- Transportation Center heating and cooling repairs
  • VMIA equipment relating to HVAC
  • Pump repairs
  • Metal & Woodshop equipment repairs
  • Lawn mower and snow blower repairs
  • Roofing equipment repairs
  • Machining

Our Pipefitting Foreman: Jeff Bratland, Paul Stehlin, Douglas Tkachuck

Our Pipefitting Team: Jake Stephans, Jacob Dahlgren, James Dolezal, Bill Hauglid, Neil Hill, Greg Hogan, Pete Holen, Ed MacDonald,
Scott Moore, Kevin Supple, Noel Schlegel, Justin Schluender, Jon Simonson, Doug Keezer, Gary Soberg, Ted Lubansky, Jim Ferris,
Brent Swanson, Bron Fike, Dan Skeie.

Our Machinist Team: Guy DuFault.