Plumbing Shop
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The Plumbing Shop is staffed by 8 plumbers. Shawn Lindell is the General Foreman and can be reached at 612-668-0346. Plumbers handle over 2,400 work orders each year and 81% are completed in 14 calendar days or less. Our crew handles a wide variety of work order tasks such as:

  • General plumbing services
  • Plumbing fixture repair and replacement
  • Plugged plumbing fixtures
  • Toilet paper & towel dispenser replacement
  • Natural gas piping and leak repairs
  • Gas odor investigation and repair
  • Water, sewer and gas main maintenance and repair
  • Swimming pools maintenance and repair
  • Irrigation systems
  • Kitchen equipment * report to Nutrition Center at ext. 82841
  • Water heater repair
  • Repair and test RPZ valves
  • Fire extinguishers

Our Plumbing Team:  Wayne Confair, Shawn Lindell, Pat O'Donnell, Steve Schueller, Phillip St. Aubin, Chris Zagars,Chris Adams,Kent Johnson, Todd Lietzau, Bill Zahradka